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One of the a lot of basal training commands is "Sit." It is aswell one of the a lot of useful. If I yield my dogs into a dog store, so abounding pets are misbehaving, barking at anniversary other, or aggravating to appearance who is bang-up while we are in line. My dogs, however, are allowable to sit while I delay in line. Usually, bodies are addled by this. But it absolutely isn't actual remarkable. Teaching a dog to sit does not accept to be challenging.  Always give your dog lots of praise, treats, toys, and other rewards when he or she does what is expected. Dogs learn best when desired behavior is rewarded in a positive manner. Positive reinforcement means that when a dog does what the trainer wants, the dog receives a reward. This can be a pat on the head or a treat or toy of some kind. If the dog shows even the slightest attempt to please you, especially at the beginning of training, you should lavish positive reinforcement on him or her.