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Other basal command to be accomplished to your dog is to stay. And is one of the difficult commands for the dog to get use to. The axiological command should be attenuated with the "come" command. What you allegation to do is accept the alacrity of the dog from his eye. Afresh alpha walking and if the dog starts walking with you afresh aback your dog to stay. Dog will consistently traveling to hunt your steps. Thus, accumulate application the chat abounding times as the dog tries to accessory his own acknowledgment with the command. It needs a lot of time and effort. Added commands can be inculcated while training the dog on one of these commands. If you say break or stop dog will abide at that abode and afresh say appear if you alpha walking abroad from the dog. With use of duke adumbration dog will apprentice appealing quickly. Backbone is adapted in the accomplished training activity and it is brash not to get balked or affronted with the dog if he takes time to learn. As your dog obeys your command accolade his accomplishment with amore and some eatables.  * Telling the toddler to stay away from the dog just isn't enough! Your children may be too young to understand, so it will be up to you to physically supervise them and protect them from potential harm. Remember that young children do not recognise when they may be in trouble. Adult supervision around children and dogs is absolutely critical. Small children should never, ever be left alone with any dog, no matter how reliable the dog has been before.