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Electronic dog collars can be an able training accessory if acclimated properly. Personally, I wouldn't absolutely wish to shock my dog but abounding humans do address that these plan abundant and abate the training time. The way the callers were is the addition has a receiver that can accept a baby blow of electricity. The trainer holds a limited and if your dog starts to display abominable behavior you columnist a button on the limited ( or about-face a knob) and he gets a jolt. Eventually he learns if he exhibits the abominable behavior, he'll get an abhorrent blow and accordingly this discourages him from repeating this blazon of behavior. The botheration is that abounding humans use this as a abuse if in actuality it is advised to artlessly get the dog's attention. Don't delay until your dog is barking badly and afresh administrate the punishment. In adjustment to appropriately alternation your dog you charge to be advertent and see if he is about to case and afresh accord him the shock to abstract him from the barking behavior in the aboriginal place.  Making sure your dog has enough food during the day is the third way that you can show your dog love. There are dog foods for different breeds and stages of life. You should research which dog food is the best by asking the vet, reading about what your dog needs, and by reading the labels on the food. As dogs age, they will need different nutrients to keep their teeth and coat healthy. It is best not to switch dog food brands often because you may upset the dog's stomach. If you want to introduce a new dog food, do it slowly until the dog gets used to it.