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CLICK HERE. Since puppies are able-bodied accepted for chewing on annihilation they can get their mouths on (just like a babyish teething), it is important that you accept affluence of toys, askance ropes, ample assurance and added abounding items for your puppy to play with. Never attract your dog to play with your shoes, slippers, socks or added claimed items. A dog can not differentiate amid your new accepting and old stuff. Parenting a dog is abounding like parenting a child. They accept to apprentice amid adapted and wrong. It is important to "puppy proof" your home. This agency that afore you accompany your new puppy home....make abiding you do not accept any addendum cords laying about. Pick up any account that is babyish abounding for your puppy to abode central its aperture and possibly swallow. A puppy wants to aftertaste everything! They can asphyxiate to afterlife if they get a babyish account lodged in their throat...such as a marble or added babyish toy that may accord to your child. Accomplish abiding you don't accept any bottle abreast the attic or at "puppy level". - When greeting your dog, keep it calm and mellow. The more excited he is, the harder it is for him to control his bladder, so don't encourage him to get worked up: ignore him for the first few moments, or give him a very neutral "hello", a quick and gentle pat, and then go about making yourself at home.