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One baleful delusion that a lot of dog buyer have, is: It is difficult to conduct the dog training yourself....  Durability is also essential. The dog bed must be able to withstand Fido's penchant for chewing as well as his sharp claws. As we all know most dogs are messy, so make sure the dog bed you choose is up to the challenge. Pick a dog bed cover that is washable and made from durable fabric. Consider the color and style of the dog bed too. You might want your dog's bed to complement your walls or furniture. You should know that there are dog beds that can accommodate a variety of your dog's special needs. Heated dog beds and orthopedic foam dog beds are available and are excellent choices for older and arthritic dogs. Your dog will definitely appreciate his own bed in his own little space. The health and well-being of your dog will depend not only on diet or exercise but also on how much comfortable sleep and rest he gets.