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It is important to alpha training a dog amid six and eight weeks of age. If your dog is earlier and has yet to be accomplished do not anguish because it is "never too backward to advise a dog a new trick."  Dogs are amazing animals, but they do not arrive in our homes understanding the rules. No one has told him the mail carrier shouldn't be chased down the block, or Granny should be treated with gentleness and not jumped upon with love, the lovely garden that mother just planted needs to stay earthed, and the sprinklers are not something to be killed. Your dog, with all his creative exploration of behavior options like the counter surfing, chasing cars, chewing your favorite leather shoes and so on, is really just that dog looking for a job, and if she doesn't find one they are sure to create one. Your dog is looking for someone to show him about how things are, to keep him safe, to prepare his meals and most importantly, someone to spend time with them. All he really wants to know is what are the boundaries and rules. Dogs of all types, temperaments, and breeds will behave in this manner without a strong base of training and discipline from their owner.