Bull bars - dog training basics

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2. Use absolute accretion during the dog training sessions. Abrogating reinforcement, such as hitting your dog, can accompany the adverse after-effects to what you're aggravating to achieve. As well, abrogating corruption can accomplish your dog aflutter and even aggressive.  Under the California law if you are bitten where you have a right to be, you automatically win on liability, and it is only a matter of proving damages. If you are bitten after ignoring a sign that says noone no invitation is made to enter my property expressly or impliedly then a different standard applies. The standard is one of negligence, was the owner's conduct reasonable. Training an attack dog to attack any human being upon entering the property is probably not reasonable. There is also the mail man exception, the mail man has to drop off the owner's mail and if bitten would have a lawsuit against the dog owner, regardless of whether there is a sign or not.